A New Chapter

I am sitting in a room full of boxes. I hardly know where my brain is let alone any of our stuff. On Saturday, our family of three will be making an eight hour move back to Tennessee. A few weeks ago, Zach started a new job with a company called WP Ninjas. It has been an amazing God-orchestrated opportunity. Zach now gets much more time with Nora and I. We are able to move closer to family. And the job will allow for us to see out of town family much more often.

Looking back, our time in Indiana seems like a blur. We just got here! I started a job with Healthy Families. Made some amazing friends. Started working as a supervisor with Healthy Families. Got pregnant. Quit my job. Had a baby. This has been a beautiful chapter of our lives. I would not trade the memories made here for anything in the world. We made some amazing friends that we didn’t even know we needed. All of our first precious memories of Nora are here. My goodness how blessed we have been! It’s bittersweet to say goodbye.

So, to everyone who has been a part of our life in Indiana, thank you. Thank you for being our family. We may not have been here long, but you have forever changed us. To quote Wicked, “So much of me is made of what I learned from you. You’ll be with me like a hand print on my heart….because I knew you, I have been changed for good.”

Saturday starts a new chapter. A chapter that I am sure will be full of laughs and joy, and probably some tears and heartache too. Even though we don’t know what this new chapter will hold, there are a few things we do know.

Zach will be working from home.  It’s been so fun to have him in the next room where Nora and I can pop in for a quick kiss before he gets back to work. I am going to be teaching one night a week at the Dance Theatre of Dalton. I am so excited to be back teaching dance! This is the studio I grew up in and it feels like coming home to family.

Also, I am beginning the process to become certified as a doula! I am so excited to see where this journey leads. Our doula was so invaluable before and during Nora’s birth (you can read that story here). If you or someone you know is expecting, I’d love to come alongside you as a support, so please contact me if that’s you! I’ll soon share more about becoming a doula.

There will be some hard goodbyes to be said between now and Saturday. And there will be some beautiful hellos in Tennessee. I feel like the luckiest girl to have people spread across multiple states who love me and my family so much.

Oh, and here’s a cute baby….

Nora July 2014_MG_0946