Beauty in the Journey

When it comes to taking a road trip, I am completely reliant on the navigation on my phone to get me where I want to be. I just came back from visiting my best friend from college and needed my trusty phone to lead the way. A little while into my drive, I began to realize that it was not taking me the way I thought I should go. I opened the app to check the directions. It didn’t have me getting on the interstate at all. Doubt in my pocket navigator immediately filled my mind. Surely this was not the best way. It was probably going to take forever to get home now. Did I mention that I was making this trip with my sweet, teething baby? Doesn’t this thing know the shortest distance between two points is a straight line? Not a squiggly, winding line through the mountains?

Then I looked around me, and it was beautiful. I drove through wide mountain skylines, trees aflame with the colors of fall, winding streams, old red barns, little white churches.


So much better than driving on boring I-75. Nora and I had an impromptu date at an apple orchard we passed.



I am not certain that the route I took was shorter, but who cares! This life moves fast enough as it is. Days spin into years faster than we can keep up with. Our hours are filled with busyness. We have to fight to savor the sweet moments.

It is in that fight that I find myself lately. I have challenged myself to list my gifts daily (as inspired by Ann Voskamp). It can be a tedious discipline, that I often fail at. Yet, when I put pen to paper over and over, my outlook changes. Everything changes. Gratitude changes everything.


Ethiopia 2015

I am thrilled to share with you that next July I will be leading a team to Ethiopia! The trip will be July 18 to the 26th.  We will be spending our time in capitol of Addis Ababa working with a community called Korah situated adjacent to the city dump. We will come alongside some ministries who are in Addis Ababa doing the day to day work. We will build relationships, serve as needed, and love big! I promise our time will be packed full of crazy adventures and crazy amounts of love!

Short term mission trips can get a lot of criticism, and for good reason sometimes, but short term mission trips can be so powerful. Mission trips can ignite a fire in a person that leads them to come home and sponsor a child, tithe to a ministry close to their heart, start their own ministry, move across the world, adopt. They have the power to create ripples. I love that I have the honor of coming alongside individuals as they have that passion stirred in them.

If you have felt any urging to go on a trip, go! Of course I would love for you to go with me! Check out this page to find out all of the details and sign up! If you are remotely interested, or if you are chomping at the bit to go, I would love to chat with you. Let me answer your questions, quiet your fears, or cheer you on.

There is no perfect time to sign up for a mission trip. You cannot wait for the stars to align before you go. It will never happen. There will always be something that the enemy uses to whisper doubts in your ear. But the enemy comes only to steal, kill, and destroy; Christ came that we may have life, and have it to the full. There is no fuller life than when you are basking in God’s presence and following His call.