Bump Update

Time for a baby update! For all of our friends and family near and far, here is what’s been happening the last few months…



Baby belly from week 4 to week 12. Even though the changes have been minor, I love watching my belly grow. I think I look at it a thousand times a day. The bump is pretty undetectable most days, but I can assure you the pants are no where close to being buttoned.



I also celebrated a second anniversary with this guy. I am so blessed by him, and this baby is so lucky to have him as a dad.


And of course, the Uganda trip is quickly approaching! It seems so surreal to think that I get to love and serve in Uganda while pregnant. Praying that God would prepare my heart for all that is to come. I can only imagine how humbling of an experience this will be. I’m ready to be stretched, spiritually and physically!

Big thank you to each and every one of you who have purchased a t-shirt or necklace, donated to my yard sale, or made a monetary donation. I really cannot explain how much you are treasured. Speaking of yard sale, that’s coming up October 5th. I may freeze up here in Indiana, but I’m expecting God to do great things!


Simply Love T-Shirts

Newest way to support our trip! Aren’t these shirts awesome?!

simply love shirts

There are youth sizes available. You choose the color. I’m kinda loving the green one! $20 for each. $3 for shipping if needed. Purchase using the PayPal link to the right. Indicate in the boxes provided what size and color you would like. Huge thank you in advance for all of your support!


Back to Blogging

As I gear up for another mission trip that can only mean one thing, time to dust off the ol’ blog again. This is a space for you to follow my ups and downs in this journey. If you are reading this you must either love me dearly or just want to sit back and enjoy my crazy! So enjoy! I can guarantee there will be lots of crazy along the way.

As December approaches, I feel the same emotions I do every time. I wrestle between excitement and fear, impatience and worry. And I have to believe that like every other time, God will be beside me, guiding me. Come December 27th I will be flying out with my two co-leaders and a group of people just as passionate about loving the orphan as I am to serve the people of Uganda. We will have days jam-packed full of adventure, joy, and sorrow. We will come home with our heads spinning and our hearts on fire. Oh yeah, and I will be 28 weeks pregnant.

What?! Yep! Zach and I could not be more excited about this sweet little one growing inside of me. I am utterly amazed that God would call me to this path. When I found out I was pregnant, in the midst of rejoicing, I also felt a surge of fear. My first thought, “Heck no, God! There is no way I can lead a team to Africa 28 weeks pregnant.” But God in His amazing ways gave confirmation, after confirmation that yes, this is His plan for me. And holy cow! What a crazy, amazing adventure this is going to be!

We are just under 4 months away from the trip. It’s game time! I am in full swing fundraising mode. So get ready. I would so greatly appreciate your prayers over the coming months for me and my team. This space will be a place to not only update all things Uganda , but update all of our friends and family on all things baby.

Above all, it is my prayer that for everyone reading this, you will find the place God is calling you to simply love.

P.S. I could not end this without a special thank you to my sweet husband. He is the voice cheering me on when I am filled with I can’ts. He encourages me and pushes me to do what I think is impossible. He tells me to jump when I am filled with fear. And he did a dang good job of setting up this blog for me!