Bump Update

Time for a baby update! For all of our friends and family near and far, here is what’s been happening the last few months…



Baby belly from week 4 to week 12. Even though the changes have been minor, I love watching my belly grow. I think I look at it a thousand times a day. The bump is pretty undetectable most days, but I can assure you the pants are no where close to being buttoned.



I also celebrated a second anniversary with this guy. I am so blessed by him, and this baby is so lucky to have him as a dad.


And of course, the Uganda trip is quickly approaching! It seems so surreal to think that I get to love and serve in Uganda while pregnant. Praying that God would prepare my heart for all that is to come. I can only imagine how humbling of an experience this will be. I’m ready to be stretched, spiritually and physically!

Big thank you to each and every one of you who have purchased a t-shirt or necklace, donated to my yard sale, or made a monetary donation. I really cannot explain how much you are treasured. Speaking of yard sale, that’s coming up October 5th. I may freeze up here in Indiana, but I’m expecting God to do great things!

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