Last pregnancy post?

Nope. Still no baby. As best we can, we are patiently waiting Nora’s arrival (easier said than done). I would love to tell you that I have been the picture of grace and peace during this time, but that would be a lie.


40 weeks exactly

I have learned a lot about myself throughout this pregnancy. There is all kinds of ugly in my heart! Things that I struggle with have been magnified. Especially here at the end, I am seeing more and more how much I think I need control and how little I actually trust God. Can I just be real? I am major type A, controlling, impatient, my way or the highway, do it myself kind of person. This should be no surprise to anyone who actually knows me. That my husband still loves me amazes me. I’ve talked about it before, but this has certainly been a time of learning to let go of that control.

I have been under the illusion that I was doing better with letting go of the reigns and allowing God to guide me…yeah not so much. I want to have this baby NOW! And if I can’t have her now, then I at least want her to come in a time and fashion that aligns with my plans…yeah right.

Yet, in the midst of my ugly, I have had some beautiful moments that I can see God’s hand at work in me. I started going through “Jesus Calling” again, and oh my the past few mornings have been stab me in the heart perfect. They have been reminders that I am to wait and trust on God. I am to let go of control because when I fight for what I think is control, what I am really saying is that I don’t trust in God’s plan for my life. I am to offer God a sacrifice of thanksgiving by living like Mary at the feet of Jesus, rather than striving like Martha to do, do, do.

When I’m fighting against God’s plan, there is no peace. Yet, when I stop fighting and wait on him, he promises to renew my strength. He assures perfect peace for those who focus their minds on him.  And though I may feel like I cannot possibly do this any longer, his word assures me that he has prepared me for this very thing and that with him all things are possible.

I have no choice but to keep waiting. I do have a choice in how I respond to the wait. My every day battle is to choose more Jesus, and that battle is so worth the fight.


40 weeks and 5 days at my non-stress test. Nora’s happy and healthy in there!


God’s timing is always perfect, so for now we are still waiting. That’s not to say we haven’t heard and tried just about every labor inducing myth out there. We are believing that Nora must need some more time in there, and she will come exactly when she needs to. Thank you so much to everyone who has been praying for us and sending us good thoughts. Will you pray and believe with us that Nora will come on her own?  We hope to introduce you to our sweet girl soon!



Nursery Tour

I am so excited that our nursery is finally complete! Now if we just had a baby to put in there, right? There really isn’t a “theme” for the room. I wanted something very simple and neutral for the nursery. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. There are so many little details that hold such special meaning for us.


My amazing in-laws gave us the beautiful crib.


The print was something Zach picked out. I love seeing it above the crib. I hope and pray Nora does dream big. More than that I pray that she opens her heart to the crazy, big dreams God has for her.


The details on this little shelf are some of my favorite. The frame holds my late grandmother’s handkerchief that I carried in our wedding. The box is part of the gift our friends Tiffany and Andrew gave us as part of our gender reveal. It now holds all of the sweet mementos people have given Nora over the past several months. There is a fabric Noah’s ark that I got while in Uganda, as well as a toy zebra I got there.


I cannot wait to rock Nora in this chair. This is the same chair Zach’s mom rocked him in as a baby. And of course there is another stash of books beside the chair. You can never have too many books!


These sweet birds also came from Uganda. I have been so excited to hang them up. I love not only how beautiful they are, but that a part of a ministry I love is in her nursery.


A sweet friend made this beautiful dresser for us. And oh my the precious pink things that fill those drawers.


The print I found on Etsy. I feel like not only is it a declaration over my daughter of who she is, but a reminder to me as I’m spending countless hours in her room.


These are probably my two favorite drawers. After weighing the pros and cons, we decided to cloth diaper. I have gotten so much invaluable advice from other mamas using cloth diapers, and I am so excited to start using them. Besides saving us a huge chunk of money, are they not the cutest?!


We removed the closet door and replaced it with a matching drape. The tiny rocking chair is another oldie from Zach’s family.


And here we are at just over 37 weeks! Nora, we are so ready to meet you! You are welcome to come any day now 😉



The Final Weeks

Just a few more weeks until baby Nora will be here! We have been busy since I’ve been home from Uganda. We are blessed with some amazing friends and family who love us and our little girl like crazy.

I celebrated Nora in Georgia with some sweet friends from college.


Then we celebrated baby girl with our Ohio family.


Then we headed back to Georgia for a fun weekend with friends and family there.



And finally ended back in Indiana for a fun joint shower with our best friends here.



Whew! Lots of traveling and lots of fun, but this tired mama is thankful to be home. I cannot get over how much love has been poured out on our growing family. I hope Nora always knows just how treasured and loved she is.

We are about 3 weeks away from my due date. Of course, who knows when she will actually make her appearance. I’ve been busy getting the nursery ready (tour coming soon), packing bags, and cooking meals. I have also been doing what I can to mentally/spiritually prepare for birth. While I know I will never be truly prepared for the experience, I am using this time as an opportunity to press into God. I am trusting Him to carry me through my lowest, darkest moments of labor.

We have also made the decision for me to quit my job. I work for an amazing program called Healthy Families and love my job, but I know I will never look back and regret the time I have at home. We will most certainly be making some spending adjustments and doing everything we can to be frugal, but I have no doubt it will be so worth it.

Zach and I are “patiently” enjoying these final days as just the two of us, but are so very excited to meet our girl!