Bump Update…Weeks 15-21

Baby bump update! Sweet Nora is a growing girl. Here is a glimpse of what’s been happening the last few weeks…minus week 18 because in case you didn’t know it gets dark crazy early in Indiana, which is not conducive to our weekly belly shots!
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It’s so hard to believe we are over halfway there. I’ve started to see a few kicks from the outside. She’s most active from about 10 am to 12. So, don’t come in my office during that time or you may find me being completely unproductive and just staring at my belly!

And here we are at 21 weeks. Zach and I love singing and talking to Nora. She is so incredibly loved by so many people already. We are so excited to meet this sweet girl, but I am enjoying this precious time while it lasts because I know it will be over far too quickly.

May I just say, I am so incredibly thankful for my husband. I have no doubt he will be an amazing daddy. I love hearing him talk to my belly. He has taken care of me so well over, going above and beyond to selflessly put my needs first. He challenges me in my faith and inspires me. I cannot imagine being on this journey with anyone but him.

*Don’t forget, Uganda trip is just over a month away! I would love your prayers for me and my team. And of course if you feel lead to donate to our trip there is a lovely button to the right to do that, you can purchase an Ugandan paper necklace, or there is a Premier Jewelry fundraiser happening right now! Between baby, the trip, and holidays these next two months are going to be busy!

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