Day 5

Today the team visited our final school. The children were precious and we had so much fun working with them. We told the story of the Tower of Babble. The kids made their own towers out of paper cups and absolutely loved it.

Unfortunately after lunch it was time to tell the El Ayudante kids goodbye. An event that I have been dreading all week. These children stole a piece of my heart last summer, and now an even bigger piece is being left behind. We gave away hundreds of abrazos y besos (hugs and kisses), but it never seems to quite be enough. I can’t speak for my other team members, but I fought tears as I whispered “te amo” in the ear of each child. One little boy, Benito, saw my tears and asked why I was crying. I explained to him that I was very sad. That we had to leave tomorrow morning to go back to the states, but that I loved him and the other children very much and didn’t want to go. As I explained my heartache to this young boy, tears filled his own eyes. These children hold a special place in my heart. Nothing I could say, or write, could explain that love.
After our goodbyes, David, Michael, and Junior went on to the construction site. The roof was finished on one house and two and a half walls constructed on the other! With our remaining funds we could either provide a freezer for a family to use as a means to sell things or buy a bicycle to provide transportation. Well, God is absolutely amazing. We were able to provide 2 freezers and 3 bicycles!! We also had the opportunity to deliver both freezers and two of the bikes.
It was certainly a special time for me. Francis is the little girl that I met and fell in love with last year. I became her sponsor, sending money, cards, gifts, etc. The children call sponsors “madrinas” or “good mothers.” Marjorie is Francis’s mother. We were able to buy her and Francis’s older sister Erica a bike. I was able to spend the afternoon with Francis and her family. It is something I will forever treasure.
Our day concluded with an awesome night of worship and discussion. We serve an amazing God that deserves every ounce of our worship. Our God is love. Love is so evident here. We all have been changed because of this week. I believe it’s impossible to come here and not be overwhelmed by how great God’s love is. Proverbs 10:12 says, “Hatred stirs up dissension, but love covers all wrongs.” Christ’s love for us covers all wrongs. He cleansed every sin on the cross. What more could we need?
Thank you all for supporting our team. We could not have made it here without your love. I pray that our work here has changed you. I pray you hold your family nearer and recognize your countless blessings. I pray that you are overwhelmed by God’s love. May He sweep you away so that it is only Him.
Stay tuned for more pictures from our week!!

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