Don’t freak-out

Things to do before June 19th…

  1. Jewelry party fundraiser May 1st
  2. Car wash fundraiser May 8th
  3. Send in team roster
  4. Send in team information forms
  5. Mail check to El Ayudante for team fees
  6. Raise money to pay team fees
  7. Book hotel rooms for the final night
  8. Plan 3 days of Bible school for 20-150 kids
  9. Buy supplies for Bible school for 20-150 kids
  10. Raise money to buy supplies for Bible school
  11. Get team in one piece to Leon, Nicaragua
  12. Complete items 1-11 while taking finals and studying abroad in London for 3 weeks
  13. Preferably stay sane while completely items 1-12 without driving friends and loved ones crazy
I list such as this tends to cause freak-out moments. Freak-out moments are when I have tons of things to get done and suddenly remember all of the things at once. I then become extremely stressed and “freak-out” over all I have to do. This is usually the conversation I have with myself, “Oh my gosh I have so much to do! How will I ever get it done? It’s too much. This is too much pressure for one person. I’m not ready to handle all of this. This seems impossible. I’m going to have a heart attack before it’s all done. There’s just no way I can do this.” I was having one of these moments last week, having that exact conversation in my head. And when I thought, there’s just no way I can do this, I heard God say to me, “No you can’t, but I can.” I love when God does that. When I’m crying out to Him, saying I can’t do it, wanting Him to tell me that I can do it, and instead He says, “No you can’t, but I can.” It’s something that should be so obvious to a Christian, but yet I need to be reminded of it all the time. I am so thankful that my Father doesn’t expect me to do it. I’m so glad that “with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

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