Home and Heartbroken

I am home! And once again I am wrecked by the things I saw. The people of Uganda were a stranger to me just twelve days ago. Ten days was in Africa was all the time I needed to fall in love. It honestly caught me off guard. I knew to some degree that love would find me once again on the mission field, but not like this. This love hurts deeper than I ever thought possible. Before my journey to Uganda, my prayer was for God to break my heart for what breaks His. I am home feeling just that, absolutely broken. My spirit is heavy from the pain and corruption I have seen. I know God is good, but we are not good. As I think through the ugliness God’s children are going through, all I can do is weep. Now I find myself asking, now what, Lord? You have shown me things that horrify me. So, what do I do about it? I am overwhelmed, but God is greater. He knows the pain I am feeling because He feels it for His children ALL THE TIME. I am trusting Him to reveal the next step. I know I am going to need time to reflect and process everything. I promise that little by little I will share their stories with you. And oh do I have some doozies for you! I will tell you all about the baby with HIV and TB. I will tell you about the Karamajong who are taken away like dogs to the pound. I will tell you about the man who was buried alive. I will tell you about the children’s prison overflowing with children with special needs desperately needing medicine. I will tell you it all as God and I go through it all. Until then, THANK YOU for supporting me! Thank you for your donations, prayers, and encouragements! I am so thankful I was given the opportunity to serve in Uganda. Thank you for sending me!

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