More to life than a to do list

I’m not really sure how this whole blogging thing will go. If nothing else, it is another outlet to praise my Father. So here goes…
I love those moments. Moments when God’s love is so evident. When I am so in love with God, and I know he is so in love with me. When I am amazed by his love, power, and wisdom. Yet I know there is more. There is so much more love to discover. There is so much more for me to uncover.
As I was walking home from class today, I was convicted by my lack of concern and lack of praise. I make that walk 5 days a week, and almost every time my thoughts are filled with my to do list or some other such meaningless thing. I am more concerned with MY life, than the life of the person passing by me. I am blessed and happy, but that person could be hurting. That person has a soul that God longs for. How many people do we see a day? A lot. And each one of them is loved by God. But do they know that? Is my life in those brief seconds showing them that? Probably not since I am too busy thinking about my to do list.
Or why in my walk home, am I not lifting constant praise up to my Creator? I am healthy, clothed, fed, and loved. Right this moment there is a child dying because of a lack of medical care. There is a family starving and wearing ragged clothes. There is someone who is alone and doesn’t know what it means to be loved. And here I sit in my nice apartment (that I so often complain about), typing on my laptop, listening to my I-pod, and checking my Blackberry. I have two closets full of clothes, the majority of which I could do without. My kitchen is full of food, yet I often complain that there’s “nothing to eat.” I am surrounded by friends and family that love me dearly. Most importantly, I know the love of a God who has given me all of this and more. I know the love of a God who sacrificed his son for MY sins. I know the love of a God who loves me and desires me even when I choose other things over him. Yet despite all of this, the thing I choose to think about on my walk home is my to do list.
I know there is more to this amazing, exciting, miraculous relationship, and I want more. I want to fall deeper in love with God. I want to know what it is to feel as though I am starving, thirsting, desperate for my Lord. He is Yahweh Yireh, the Lord who will provide, and I cling to that promise.

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