Who am I?

I am a daughter to amazing parents.
Girlfriend to a wonderful man.
Roommate of an amazing girl.
Sister of Sigma Alpha Omega.
Student at Georgia College quickly approaching graduation.
Member of the Dance Minor program.
Employee at the Georgia College Phon-a-thon.
Psychology intern at the Life Enrichment Center.
Teacher of dance to individuals with developmental disorders.
A dreamer.
Someone with crazy ideas that no longer surprise her mom.
Someone with a passion for people with special needs.
Someone with a passion for the orphan.
The widow.
The poor.
The enslaved.
Someone who cares entirely too much about making other people happy.
Someone who will push everything else aside, even when that means her relationship with God, to ensure her peers are happy with her.
Someone who cries over everything. Everything.
Someone who fights to get her way with all that she has.
Someone who will fight for the passions of her heart to no end.
Someone who is not always a fan of God’s timing.
A worrier.
Someone who wants control over everything, will stress to no end when that control is taken away, and will forget God’s sovereignty.
A procrastinator.
Someone who lets herself get way behind in her Bible reading plan.
Someone who is miraculously living within God’s grace. Ephesians 2:8-9
Someone who was told she would never be normal, but God had greater plans. Psalm 30:2
Someone who knows we ALL must fight for the least of these. Matthew 25:31-46
Someone who Christ made himself a servant for and then died for. Isaiah53:5
A daughter of the Mighty King. Romans 8:14-16
Often, it’s easy to forget where my true identity lies. So many other things pull my attention. People, class, work, responsibilities, passions. I allow those things to become my gods. I work myself to exhaustion for those things. Yet, the whole time God is calling, “Come, my love. Find rest in me. Find value in me. Find purpose in my glory.” He knows this is what I need, what I truly long for.

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