Sometimes it takes a rash…

Most often parents start out telling their children to do something in a nice, friendly voice. “Clean your room, please.” If the child doesn’t listen, the parent will get progressively louder until it’s, “Clean your room, NOW!” That’s where I’m at with God right now.

Lately, God has gently been pushing me to spend more time with Him, to invest in our relationship. But I haven’t been listening. He kept reminding me to set aside time for Him. I haven’t listened.
So here I am in Nicaragua, confined to a tiny room with the AC on, taking benadryl, using calamine lotion because I have hives all over my back. I kept pushing God behind other “more important things.” Now it’s not that I think God is punishing me for not spending more time with Him. I think God is saying, “Here. You have been ‘too busy’ to set aside time for me. Let me help you with that. There. Now you have plenty of quiet time with me.”
God uses all sorts of things to get our attention. Sadly, sometimes it takes a rash to get us to stop and listen. But that’s where I am: with itchy hives all over me, rejoicing in my gracious Father.

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