Sole Hope Shoe Party

A post not about Nora? Whaaat? Don’t worry she’s managed to sneak her cute self in a few times.

Zach and I hosted our very first Sole Hope Shoe Party, and we had so much fun! So, what is Sole Hope? Sole Hope’s mission is to offer hope healthier lives, and freedom from foot-related diseases through education jobs and medical relief specifically in Uganda. Jiggers are an all too common problem that many people in Africa face. Jiggers are tiny fleas that burrow into a host’s feet. They lay eggs. Those eggs hatch and the process repeats. It can become so severe that the person with infected feet can no longer walk. The only way to remove the jiggers is with a needle or something of the like. Often those needles are re-used, further spreading diseases like HIV and AIDS.


Part of Sole Hope’s goal is to put closed toe shoes on the children of Uganda. This is where a shoe cutting party comes in. During a party you make the foundation of a shoe. Those get sent to Uganda where tailors are paid a fair wage to make the shoes. Sole Hope then holds jigger removal clinics where they provide education and remove jiggers from sweet feet. Those kids are then given a new pair of shoes. Something so simple, but something life changing!! I greatly encourage you to check out their website to learn more. Or consider hosting a party of your own. You can purchase a shoe cutting party packet; it explains step-by-step what you need. So easy. Here’s a taste of our party. Huge thank you to everyone who donated supplies and time!


Nora oversaw production of the shoes. She ran a very tight ship.






Ah, sweet sleep after a full, fun day.