This Christmas, Simply Love

There are 58 days until Christmas! Wow!

As I began to think about what gifts to give everyone this year, I decided I want to give with a purpose. I want to give gifts that instead of just being used for a month or so, will last a lifetime. I want to give gifts that make an impact.
I began to search for organizations and families that offer opportunities to give gifts that make a difference. While I know there are many, many more out there, I have made a list of the ones I found. Will you give with a purpose this year? Within the list below there are organizations that provide for and care for those in need. There are families raising money for their adoption. Most importantly there are people who are using their time and resources to simply love.
Of course you can still purchase your Simply Love Uganda shirt or Just Love Coffee to help fund my journey to Uganda!
I have made this super easy for you. Search through the categories to find just what you are looking for. Help a family bring their baby home. Help care for the orphan and the widow. Help society to forgive, but not forget about those in prison. Help put an end to human trafficking. Help make a difference this Christmas.
(If you are a fundraising family or an organization striving to make a difference, tell me the link to your blog or website and I will gladly add you!)



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4 thoughts on “This Christmas, Simply Love

  1. At home, Providence Ministries will be providing Christmas gifts (toys for children), clothes, and food to the needy families in the North Georgia area. All donations and help improving the lives of the impoverished in the North Georgia area are welcome.

  2. Hi Amanda,
    I have three fundraising families (friends of mine)that I'd like to share with you…they all are members of the same small church-plant and adopting from Ethiopia. They are also all selling things be it hats, shirts, beads, and anything else they come up with from time to time throughout the journey.

    David and Erica Shubin at

    Joe and Rachel Walser at

    and Jon and Melissa Maser at

    Thanks for stopping by to enter my book giveaway…I've added you to the "hat" 😉

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