Nora Evaline


Our little love was born on March 28th at 12:03 pm. She weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces and was 21.5 inches long. We are completely smitten. Nora is so full of personality already. She is a very active baby, always wiggling and kicking.


 She seldom stays in one spot in her crib.


She is so strong!

IMG_20140412_101325994  IMG_20140407_042605378  IMG_20140412_154747991

She loves to smile already.

IMG_20140412_101455916 IMG_20140405_094243369

And loves to snuggle.

We have loved adjusting to being new parents. Nora has really been such an easy going baby.

When she was one week old I caught a stomach bug. I have never been so sick, and it hit fast. I spent the night sleeping on the bathroom floor. I tried to nurse her in between vomiting; not my most glamorous moment. Girls, when you are looking for a man to marry, go for the man who will take care of you and the newborn all night, who is not phased by how disgusting you are.


Hanging out in the bathroom with Mommy while Papa makes a gatorade run.

Two days later, poor baby girl caught the same bug. Scary stuff! She was vomiting, dry heaving, and screaming in pain. We called the pediatrician who instructed us to go the emergency room. Because she was only nine days old, they wanted to do several tests to make sure nothing more serious was going on.


Thankfully all of that drama is behind us, and we’ve just been enjoying our sweet bundle of joy. Zach was able to take two weeks off which has been amazing. I am going to miss him when he goes back to work tomorrow! There is nothing better than watching my husband with Nora. I love the way he loves her. She loves to hear him sing to her, and quiets down instantly when he sings her a song. I cannot imagine going through this journey without him.

I cannot believe Nora is already two weeks old. She has changed so much in that short amount of time. I want to soak in every moment with her because I know it will be over far too soon. I hope to share a bit of our birth story here soon for those who are interested. This may sound bizarre, but I truly loved labor and delivery. It was such a painful yes, but also an amazing, empowering experience. And I promise that this blog will not turn into all baby all the time, but come on, with that precious face how can I not write a novel about her?



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  1. She is beautiful! Thank you for sharing her with us! Your lives will never, ever be the same. Motherhood is a feeling unlike any other. It truly is the toughest job you’ll ever love. God bless and CoNgRaTs!

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