Uganda Wish List

30 days until I leave for Uganda! In 31 days my team and I will be surrounded by hundreds of precious people to love. I am in awe that God has given me this opportunity to love. I know God is going to break us. I am beyond excited.

I would not be going to Uganda without the support of all of YOU! But, we’re not done yet! I’m asking you all to dig deep to help me and my team spread some love around Africa. There are SO many ways listed below that you can help. We are all the body, what part will you be?
1. Headbands and Bows!

We are collecting as many headbands and bows as you can send! In February the Visiting Orphans team took 1000+ headbands to Ethiopia. We need your help to do it again!

2. New White Handkerchiefs
God has opened the door for us to partner with Sixty Feet. We will be going into two children’s prisons, “M” and “M2”. Children are held at these two prisons for three reasons: they have been charged or convicted of some offense, their parents rule them as “stubborn” and drop them off there, they are abandoned “at risk” orphans.
When “M” was first discovered, there were rooms of children locked up, young kids chained to windows, and even a 10 day old infant, malnourished and living in her own urine.
We will be doing a project with the children here and need new white handkerchiefs! We want these children to know God’s love and the adoption they have in Him.
3. VBS
We will be focusing on 3 stories while in Uganda:
The Good Samaritan
Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors
David and Goliath
We need Bible books, crafts, bracelets, puppets, anything to make these stories come alive! We’re also still searching for a coat/robe of many colors!
4. You can also go shopping for things from my Amazon Wishlist . These are some more ideas of how you can help us love big in Uganda.
5. Ministry Needs
While in Uganda we are going to be working with some AMAZING ministries: Amazima, Return Ministries, Canaan Children’s Home, Sixty Feet, Amani Baby Cottage, My Father’s House. Several of the ministries need money to purchase things like a van, school fees, sanitation, immunizations. Monetary donations will help our team pour into these needs.
Each of the ministries sent us a list of current needs. Here they are compiled into a giant list:

Baby formula

Baby scale


Board games, puzzles, cards

Burn Care

Cake mix


Chewable vitamins

Cleaning brushes

Clorox wipe

Coloring books

Dance Costumes for school choir

Disposable diapers


Granola bars

Hair elastics

Hanging Files


HP 6310 Ink Cartridges


Infant and Children Advil

Infant and Children Allegra

Infant and Children Tylenol

Instrument set for school music

Jerseys for netball, volleyball, soccer


Kids DVDs (Disney, Bible stories)

Large World Map

Malamine Plates and Cups

Medical Gloves

Megaphone or some type of amplifier.

Night dresses (pajamas)

Peanut butter

Pens: blue, black, red

Picture frames

Plates, cups, and cutlery

Rulers and Yard Sticks

School Supplies

Scissors: small and several big ones

Shower Curtain Hooks


Storage Containers (like Rubbermaid)


Ticky Tacky



T-shirts and shorts uniform for children’s sportswear


Washing/Bathing Soap

White Printer Paper

Youth Discipleship Study Guides

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