Pure Worship

Worshiping in Africa was breathtaking. For one, Uganda is absolutely beautiful. God’s splendor and majesty is so clear. I mean when you see things like this….

How can you not marvel at God’s handiwork?
I truly believe that love, is pure worship. Simply loving, that’s God’s heart. If we could just get love right, everything else would fall into place. In Uganda, you are surrounded by love. You love until hurts, and then get love back tenfold.
A child’s heart is so pure and beautiful. It was awesome to receive the love they offered and to see the worship they offered their King. It was so humbling to see how they worshiped with their whole being. Every bit of them presented to God. Whether they were falling to their knees in prayer…
Or dancing with joy to honor their Lord…
It makes me ashamed of the half-hearted worship I have offered at times. My first Sunday back from Uganda, I went to church with family. There was nothing wrong with the service, but I found myself in tears. I missed Uganda so badly in that moment. I longed to be holding the hand of a child, dancing, exhausted, laughing.
I watched kids unashamed to offer all of themselves in worship. Not afraid to offer their hearts. I have SO much to learn. We…I get so caught up in appearances. Sometimes that means we’re afraid to fall on our face and cry out to the Lord. Other times that means we raise our hands and close our eyes…because that’s what “good” worship looks like.
Harsh? Maybe. But that’s where I am right now. I am trying to remind myself that God is the same no matter the country. I can’t change the world, but I can change me. I can let God change me. I can let the worship I saw in Uganda, change my worship. That is what I long for. I long for the example of children to penetrate my heart, to convict me and move me to change. I don’t ever want to go back.
One of my favorite songs is “I Saw What I Saw” by Sara Groves…
I saw what I saw and I can’t forget it
I heard what I heard and I can’t go back
I know what I know and I can’t deny it
Something on the road, cut me to my soul…

Your pain has changed me
Your dreams inspire
Your face a memory
Your hope a fire
Your courage asks me, what I’m afraid of
and what I know of love

2 thoughts on “Pure Worship

  1. Wow, Amanda, amazing post. And so true. It's so amazing to watch the Ugandan people worship God in such a pure way, when WE would think they have nothing. In some ways I think they really have so much more than we do. Thanks for your insight. (and…I'm still jealous of your "vivid" pictures!)

  2. Girl you hit it! I am still trying to compose my words on the worship that we saw. We are so not fully worshiping! I am forever changed by what we saw and will have better words for it soon! Great post!

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